Bell Sisters Building

Photo credit: Alyssa McConnel

Constructed in 1909, this 20′ x 100′ two-story brick building was constructed in 1909 to serve as a millinery shop for the Bell sisters, Minnie and Mineta. The building features replacement display windows with an off-center entrance at the street level. The second floor has paired one/one double-hung lights witha decorative arched wood trip above There is a cloth awning. The Bell sisters lived in an apartment on the second floor of the building that was accessed by an interior stairway; that stairway has now been removed. The building is in good condition and retains its historic character. Plans were announced by the Bell Sisters to build a two-story brick on North Jackson with a stairway two and one-half feet wide which will be built against the south wall. (Plaindealer, 1 February, 1909) There was also office space on the second floor; in 1909 it was occupied by the notorious dentist, Dr. Brumfield. The millinery shop continued in operation here until 1921. After that is was successively in 1927, the Ladies Shop; in 1931, the Smart Shop; and in 1938, the Style shop. In the 1960s it was occupied by Howard’s Mens’ Wear.