First Presbyterian Church

Photo credit: Alyssa McConnel

Built by Roseburg builder Walter Singleton, the brick rectangular one-story church was built in the Gothic style in 1909. The main mass of the church is a rectangular structure with a hipped roof. The southeast and southwest corners are rounded, giving the sanctuary a curved wall and seating arrangement. Minor cross gables and a three-story and a two-story tower dominate the north and east elevations. Both towers have battlements. The larger tower has louvered lancet apertures for the belfry and a midwall course below.

Corner buttresses with weatherings meet this course. Fenestration is somewhat balanced. The windows are leaded stained glass set in lancet apertures with massive curved concrete lintels. Solid double doors are fitted in a recessed lancet opening on the north side of the major tower. The church is in good condition and does not appear to have had any significant alterations to the exterior. In 1953 a Sunday School room and kitchen addition was added onto the west side of the church. It is also faced with brick.

The first meeting of the First Presbyterian Church was held at the Douglas County Courthouse on August 2, 1873. The pastor serving this congregation was Rev. W.S. Smick. Mr. Smick graduated from Princeton Seminary, New Jersey in 1873. He came straightaway to Roseburg and served as pastor until 1893. In the first few years as a pastor, he was the only Presbyterian minister between Eugene and Jacksonville. The First Presbyterian Church was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1988.