St. George’s Episcopal Church

Architects Frank Clark and Robert J. Keeney designed the one-story cross-shaped brick church is a restrained version of the Tudor style. Defining elements include the steep gable and cross gable roofs with wood shingles, cast stone buttresses and Tudor-arched double entry door, and multi-light stained glass casement windows. The building faces west and is approached by a broad sidewalk and low steps.

The first Episcopal Church in Roseburg, which was the first church in Roseburg, was built in 1860 under the leadership of Rev. Thomas Hyland. The congregation had purchased the land from Aaron Rose for $50.00. Roseburg residents of many faiths contributed to the building which was a white New England style structure.

In 1910 it was extensively remodeled and covered with brown shingles. At that time the Parish Hall was moved to the east part of the lot; that building had formerly served as a photo studio on the corner of Cass and Jackson Streets.

In 1928 when Perry Smith was Vicar, a new church designed by Medford architects Frank Clark and Robert J. Keeney was built; a large bequest specifically for the construction of a new building made the project feasible.

The 1951 rectory and new Parish Hall addition and the 1960 addition were constructed under the leadership of Rector Alfred Tyson.