The Grand Hotel

Photo credit: Alyssa McConnel

The Grand Hotel was constructed in 1910 by Horace Marsters. It was originally built as a three-story brick building;, in 1916 two more floors were added and the entire building was stuccoed. At that time a belt course and cornice were added Windows are replacement metal frame two/two. Street level windows are metal frame display. There are two entrances on the south elevation and one on the east elevation. The raised word MARSTERS BLOCK were centered beneath the cornice on the main (south) elevation. There are three cast iron columns present, including one corner column; the fluted columns have a stylized Egyptian palm motif. Street level exterior walls are stuccoed, or covered with cedar siding. Horace Marsters, a successful Roseburg businessman, was engaged in railroad work, real estate, logging, and teamster activities. The building was sold to D.R. Shambrook in 1912. In 1922 W.D. and Bessie Clinger bought the hotel and operated it through the 1940s. In addition to hotel rooms, the building supported other businesses, i.e. a restaurant, a Western Union office, a barber shop, a taxi stand, and a bar.